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Rape Crisis Surrey and Sussex (RCSAS) is run as an independent, women-only (clients and staff) service in response to the feedback from our service users and because of the disproportionate nature of sexual violence as committed by men against women and girls. We believe sexual violence to be both a cause and a consequence of gender inequality and we are committed to an empowering feminist model of working. For male survivors we recommend taking a look at our page on Support for men and boys.

All our dedicated frontline staff, including our therapists, are all highly qualified and have successfully completed our OCN accredited sexual violence training course. Our therapy and advocacy services are currently delivered from our centre, whilst our outreach and training departments work in the community with women from socially marginalised groups. Any woman or girl aged 13 or older who has experienced any form of sexual violence at any time in her life is welcome and encouraged to receive our support.

Our building is safe, anonymous, comfortable, warm and welcoming with space for survivors to relax after their therapy.  We have individually designed therapy rooms, group meeting rooms and comfortable offices.



In 1985 Women's Aid decided to establish a separate support centre to work specifically with survivors of sexual violence. The Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (RASASC) in Croydon was born, offering a helpline service three times a week. The increasing demand for support resulted in additional services being added with financial support from London councils, Comic Relief, Croydon Council and many other funders including, more recently, the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime. As a women-only service we joined the newly formed Rape Crisis (England and Wales) federation and added Rape Crisis South London to our name. The Board of Directors and CEO were committed to offering a professional service with highly qualified and fully trained frontline workers, believing that survivors of sexual violence deserve the best possible support to help them recover from these heinous crimes.


In 2012 the UK government pledged to open 13 new Rape Crisis centres in an attempt to bridge gaps in provision around the country. In 2014 RASASC secured funding from the Ministry of Justice to set up a new Rape Crisis centre in Surrey and Sussex. Our brand new centre in Crawley to bridges the gap between Rape Crisis South London to the north and Survivors' Network on the south coast.



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