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How can I access the Outreach Service at a Hub-Point?

 Appointments need to be made in advance to meet with our Outreach Worker at a hub-point. We have hub-points in all areas of Surrey and Sussex. Appointments need to be made in advance to meet with our Outreach Worker Molly at a hub-point. These are safe, women-only spaces provided by other organisations that have made a room available for us to use when we need it. 

How can I access the Outreach Service at a Drop-In?


Appointments do not need to be made to meet with our Outreach Worker at a drop-in. Clients can drop-in to speak to our worker, without needing to call and make an appointment in advance. These are existing women-only drop-ins run by outside organisations with other specialisms. Any female client age 13 or older who wants support and information about sexual violence can attend these drop-ins to access our specialist support.

Support for survivors who are or have been involved in the sex industry


We know that just because you are or have been involved in the sex industry, this does not mean that you have experienced sexual violence. If you have experienced sexual violence you did not deserve it. You do however deserve the very best possible support, support that doesn’t judge you or make you feel uncomfortable, and which recognises the many different experiences of people in the sex industry.


All violence committed against women in the sex industry is a crime, not an ‘occupational hazard’. We and our organisation are here if you ever want to talk.

You can sign up to National Ugly Mugs for free to anonymously report incidents and receive warnings about reported individuals. If you report to National Ugly Mugs they will use the information to warn other people in the sex industry.



Find details of local Rape Crisis helplines and services near you.

Freephone 0808 802 9999

12:00 - 14:30 daily

19:00 - 21:30 daily



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