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Specialist Sexual Violence Outreach

At RCSAS we provide an independent Outreach Services to women and girls aged 13 and over in Surrey and Sussex who have experienced any form of sexual violence at any time in their lives. This service is provided by a female Outreach Worker, who has been trained to support female survivors of sexual violence, and who specialises and is experienced in supporting survivors who have also experienced societal marginalisation for any reason. This can include, but isn’t limited to, those with experiences of the sex industry, the prison system, and homelessness.

Women’s experiences of sexual violence and social marginalisation often ebb, flow and overlap. The best approach for women with multiple needs is therefore tailored and holistic. Essential to this is the empathic and empowering support of a sexual violence Outreach worker. The support our Outreach workers offer, provides women with a safe and contained space to begin talking about their experiences of sexual violence. This support stands alongside clients in exploring their options. This support believes in the clients’ power to choose for themselves what they want to do next to help them recover from trauma. This specialist support is what all women and girls deserve.


Our workers believe that a woman is the expert on her own life and her own decisions and so the support they offer is non-judgemental, non-advisory and confidential.


All survivors of sexual violence deserve the best possible support available to them.


Through face-to-face meetings at Hub-Points or Drop-Ins, our outreach worker can:

  • offer a highly qualified, non-judgemental, emphatic service to female survivors of rape and sexual abuse who are 13 or older;

  • provide unbiased and informative literature on issues related to sexual violence free of charge to anyone requiring it, e.g. agencies, friends, family or supporters of survivors;

  • provide a streamlined referral service to RCSAS’ Counselling and Advocacy services;

  • inform survivors of relevant agencies in their area, including health care, Independent Sexual Violence Advisors, therapists, Sexual Assault Referral Centres and Rape Crisis centres.

Our outreach service does:


  • provide a professional, accountable and confidential service;

  • offer a woman only service;

  • listen to all female survivors with sincerity and non-judgemental acceptance;

  • empower service users to choose the support that is right for them as unique individuals;

  • give information/referral contacts at a survivor’s request;

  • believe you.


Our outreach service does not:

  • tell women what to do;

  • give legal advice;

  • make assumptions about a service user’s feelings or needs;

  • pressure women to do anything;

  • judge or lie.


To arrange for our outreach worker to visit you or your organisation for either a single appointment or on a regular basis, please call our office.


Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm Telephone: 01293 538477

Email: outreach2@rcsas.org.uk




Find details of local Rape Crisis helplines and services near you.

Freephone 0808 802 9999

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