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Our Training Service

Our training service is here to support your work and ensure you are meeting the needs of survivors both within your organisation and accessing your organisation. We have trained groups such as Social Services, NHS, Victim Support, police, solicitors, GP surgeries, Sexual Assault Referral Centres, women’s counselling services, drug and alcohol projects, housing associations and other Rape Crisis centres across the country. Any money we earn from training goes directly back into providing frontline services for survivors, meaning not only do you get training to support survivors better, but that more survivors themselves are able to access free therapy and advocacy.

We believe survivors of sexual violence deserve support and understanding from any and all agencies they access. To help with this we offer tailored specialist training packages in all aspects of sexual violence to both statutory and voluntary agencies as well as private companies.


We provide awareness training to all professionals, challenging the myths around rape and childhood sexual abuse and outlining the effects of sexual violence and optimum support methods for survivors. Training can range from an hour-long session on definitions and referrals, to half/full day workshops on the impacts of sexual violence. 


We also believe in primary prevention and that taking the time to talk openly and honestly to young people about topics such as gender stereotypes, rape myths and childhood sexual abuse can empower them to help us in stopping the spread of a culture that supports sexual violence.


We have developed a series of workshops for young people aimed at building self-esteem and self-awareness, as well as challenging the myths of sexual violence and encouraging young people to adopt a critical perspective on body image and gender roles. Where funding permits, our young people’s workshops are offered free to schools/youth venues. Please get in touch to find out if we have funding to work in your area. Alternatively all training is available at low cost.


In addition, the demand for placing prevention and youth education at the core of ending violence against women and girls has led us to develop specialist training for teachers interested in working with their students to prevent sexual violence. As a leader in the field, we have learnt that many teachers are concerned about sexual bullying and/or abuse of their students, both in the classroom and at home, but feel unskilled in how to address the root causes or what to do in the case of disclosure. Our training addresses this as well as the broader areas of violence against women and girls that may be affecting child attainment and attendance. Teacher training is also offered free of charge to any schools/PRUs, where funding permits.


Our training is:


  • Informed by our work: All of our trainers are frontline practitioners who have a wealth of experience in supporting female survivors of sexual violence. We believe Rape Crisis centres such as ours hold practice-based evidence and use this, combined with research, to inform our training.

  • Bespoke: We work with you to ensure all of your training needs are met and you are able to deliver the quality service to survivors that they deserve.

  • Competitively priced: Full day training delivered in-house to up to 16 participants is as low as £500 for voluntary agencies - contact us for a price list.

  • Multifaceted: Training themes include rape, childhood sexual abuse, coping mechanisms such as self injury and eating disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, the Criminal Justice System and support and information for handling disclosures.

  • Certificated and can count towards CPD.

  • Informed by our 30 year history of providing specialist sexual violence services in London and delivered by accredited front-line support practitioners.

To talk about your training needs please call 01293 538 477.




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